Alex Köll Downhill Skier

Alex Köll

As the first skier from Skåne (Scania, the very south of Sweden) and the small town of Landskrona, I am about to qualify and establish myself at the highest level in the alpine skiing world, especially the speed disciplines; downhill and Super-G.

At least that is the goal I have set up for myself – and it is something that I have been aiming for as long as I can remember.

I am both Swedish and Austrian. I grew up in Matrei im Osttirol, Austria, with a Swedish mother and an Austrian father. The Swedish newspapers wrote: ”Take a driven woman from Sweden and mix it with an Austrian male ski-instructor and you will get the fastest downhiller in Sweden. He races for the small town of Landskrona and strives to be the best downhiller in the world”.

I started skiing practically when I learned to walk. When I turned 13, I was allowed to attend a sport-school – and ever since completing military service, I have been put all my focus on my career as a skier. Through hard and consistent work, some talent and a goal-oriented mind-set, I am on my way to the top of alpine-skiing – and I am aiming high.

I was the first ”skåning” (person from the southernmost region of Sweden) ever to win the Swedish Downhill Championship (2015) – and so far, I have won 2 gold and 1 silver medal in Downhill and Super-G. In december 2015, I made my World Cup debut and I am ranked no 1 in Downhill in Sweden. Since the spring of 2016, I am a member of the Swedish National Alpine Skiing team.

I am really aware about the fact that even if I aim really high, work hard and ski really fast, I wont succeed doing this all by myself. During my first years as a senior skier I did almost everything on my own: preparing skies, going to meetings and driving the car to and from the races. I really learned a lot about what it takes. I have become fully aware that no matter my ambitions and how hard I work, it will be impossible to reach the top on my own. You need an good organisation, a great team, to work together beside you in order to succeed.

Therefore we have created Team Alex Köll – my own team of qualified people that support me in various ways to help me become the No 1 Downhill-skier of the world. Of course, I’m all alone racing down the different slopes – but for all other things, the team is there to help me. It is important for me to have all the support around me no matter what happens. Team Alex Köll is all about creating a great team-spirit. We work hard together and we succeed together.

Welcome to my world and my web. Here you will find everything about me and my team – Team Alex Köll!

The Staff

Since December 2015 Alex has been working with Patrik Johansson, Together they formed Team Alex Köll. Patriks overall focus is to create conditions via sponsoring, marketing, branding, communications and more for Alex to concentrate on his skiing. This work has led to a continous growing group of partners and more and more people getting interested in Team Alex Köll. Through our cooperations we have built a strong brand with a graphic profile that really suits the brand. The ambitions to build deep relations between Alex, Team Alex Köll and all of our partners is really paying off and more and more companies wants to become a part of our family. In the fall of 2018 Patrik and Alex work with the Team has developed so far that even more support was needed. Veronica Svensson and Didrik Ekstrand has helped out a while around Team Alex Köll and was now ready to help out in a wider sense. We must aim higher and higher, step-by-step. Exactly as Alex is doing with his skiing. Below you find a presentation of Team Alex Köll staff.

Patrik Johansson – Co-founder

Patrik is coming from Landskrona, where Alex also has his roots. It was through Patriks connections to Alex mom Camilla that the first contacts were established. After finishing a long career as a professional football-coach he wanted to stay in the sport-industry and found a great way to use his experiences and contacts within the sportstravelbusiness at LA Travel and to build up Team Alex Köll with Alex. Patrik has been working both in the highest leagues of Sweden and Denmark and has earned his biggest success with winning the Swedish Championship in 2004 with Malmö FF. He has also been the Club Director of Landskrona BoIS. Through his former academic studies, his work as a Club Director and the sales and marketing work at LA Travel he has learned a great about sponsoring, marketing, branding within the sportsindustry.


Veronica Svensson and Didrik Ekstrand – supporting staff

Patrik got to know Veronica Svensson and Didrik Ekstrand while they worked for Patrik with a big event in France during the European Championship in football 2016. They are the supporting staff of Team Alex Köll since October 2018.

Veronica has a big interest in sport especially in football. She has played football all her life representing the club in her heart Råå IF. She has an Eventcoordinator degree and is along with the support in Team Alex Köll earning a full-time job at a furniture-company in Helsingborg. She likes skiing and has been with Team Alex Köll on the annual trip once to Hahnenkammrennen. In Team Alex Köll her focus will especially be on event planning.

Didrik has a candidate degree in Sport Management from the University of Malmö, where he also lives, and he is working on his Master in Sports Science. He is also working as a Youth Coordinator in football outside Malmö, GIF Nike. The other time he spends with his fiance and sometimes there might be room for a round of golf. In Team Alex Köll Didrik will focus in supporting and care-taking of our partners from the agreements we have made trying to help them getting most out of the cooperation.